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Baseline is one of the leading hair fixing and hair care specialists in Dubai, UAE. The professionals at Baseline operate as image consultants. They help create naturally stunning looks through innovative hair weaving techniques that are versatile and easy to maintain. Moreover build customer confidence by transforming them from inside out.

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Baseline Hair Center

Baseline is truly carving a niche for itself in the salon arena in UAE. Style with us and experience a world of difference.


Women's Hair Fixing

Every woman deserves to look her very best. If your own hair is hard to style, if you have thinning hair, or if you just want to save time and money…Baseline stylist wigs are an excellent option. If you want to look your best for special events or just because, a wig can help you create the style you have always wanted; Baseline is the absolute best place to consult and try out your special wigs.


Men's Hair Fixing

Some men are great candidates for accepting their image change with a suitable hair replacement. Others simply want to prevent their existing hair from thinning any further. No matter what kind of hair loss you have, it is an ongoing process that changes over time and our professional hair systems can adjust to changes over the years. If you want to change your style or perhaps just the thickness of your hair; everything is possible.


Gel Nails

Artificial nails, also known as fake nails, false nails, fashion nails, nail enhancements, nail wraps, or nail extensions, are extensions placed over fingernails as fashion accessories. Some artificial nail designs attempt to mimic the appearance of real fingernails as closely as possible, while others may deliberately stray in favor of an artistic look.


Baseline Hair Center
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In just minutes you can change your look, color, and style without damaging or altering your own hair.

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Get any hair style you want and change your look in one hour.

Quailty Service

100% natural human hair is used so that it blends instantly with your existing hair texture and skin tone.

About Us

Our warm and friendly team of experts are just a call away. Please feel free to call and fix an appointment with any one of them. Our team will make you feel at home. We try our level best to customize our procedures and treatments in such a way that you will feel completely at ease. Our well trained staff will guide you step by step and analyze your problems and provide solutions and remedies that will help you solve them. Our experienced consultants will provide you with the insight that is required to make a decision which will boost your confidence in such a way that will make you feel completely in control. Visit us and you will feel the difference!



Our trained & experienced hair professional will closely examine your hair condition and thinning area to determine the best option for you with advice on the length, style and hair thickness that is desired. Once your hair system is custom made for you, our expert stylists will cut and style your hair to make you look your best, giving you the most natural appearance with that perfect hairline. Our goal is to make you look better than you did before, taking into consideration your age and facial structure to create the right hairstyle for you and help you look your best.


Baseline Hair Center

Our warm and friendly team of experts just a call away.


Entering our front door you will find me welcoming you with a big smile. I am responsible for the reception, answering the telephone and I will look after your check-in and check-out. Don’t forget to ask me for the stamp; we provide free parking.


I am managing the Hair section in the center. I promise you will be so happy with my expert techniques and advice and you will leave with a new spring to your step! I give service with a smile.


I am from Pakistan and I am working mostly in the background, preparing, fixing, cleaning, repairing… Anything you need; I am a master with hair!


Quiet but confident I can make you look your best with one of our hair solutions! Ask me anything and I will explain. My aim is to make you walk out with a smile on your face!


Timid and sweet…but a whirlwind when it comes to cleaning and getting coffee and biscuits for our clients. No wonder my second name is AMOR…you are going to love seeing me!

  • "Non-surgical hair replacement from Baseline Hair Center has the most cutting edge technology in hair loss, which gives you the look of your own hair. After a short consultation, you will be one step closer to the full, long, shiny hair that you’ve missed for so long. "

  • ‘Hair Again’ concept

    Introducing the revolutionary ‘Hair Again’ concept from Baseline. 100% natural human hair is used so that it blends instantly with your existing hair texture and skin tone. DIAGNOSIS OF FEMALE PATTERN BALDNESS

  • "The ambiance at Baseline Hair Fixing Center is understated elegance, blended with customer friendly staff. The dedicated team are highly focused and their approach is genuine. Clients here are treated with warmth and welcomed as guests. Baseline hair experts make use of the most sophisticated technology to develop signature weaving concepts in-house."

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